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SEO Charge, Inc
Years active 2018-Present
Known for Content Based Resources

SEO Charge is an SEO and Marketing company that helps brands and marketers to grow online. [1]


SEO Charge, Inc was founded on 26th August 2018 in Middletown, Delaware, United States of America by Abhishek Tiwari. It is a content based marketing company that creates content in various formats such as Blog posts, Podcasts. Mostly known for thier actionable startegies blog posts and great influence in the SEO community. In the early days of the company, it focused on creating educational content for the users without even monetising it.

This helped them to grow fast and gain trust of the people in the SEO industry. SEO Charge has released several resources for the users and according to their founder, ever since its incorporation the company is consistently trying to produce content that provides value to everyone who wants to learn the craft.

SEO Charge stands out in the SEO community often because of thier content and active participation in the online communities. Also, fueled by constant user recommendations.

In recent years the company has gained over 300K+ monthly users followed by 100k+ followers on social media platforms. [2]

About the Founder

Abhishek Tiwari is the founder & CEO of SEOCharge. Growing up in India, Abhishek fell in love with blogging, and in May 2017, he started a blog to share his views and knowledge with the rest of the world. [3]

Later in 2018, he got interested in SEO, Marketing, Branding and started learning from tech founders like Neil Patel, Craig Campbell, which helped him a lot in furnishing his skills.

In the same year, Abhishek, a 17 yr old Entrepreneur, decided to start SEOCharge, Inc, aimed to help brands and marketers with their SEO, Marketing and grow their revenue online.

SEOCharge continued to flourish and grow because of its value-added marketing strategies. In 2020, they crossed 300K+ monthly users and over $1M+ in annual revenue.

The company is constantly releasing new resources for people to learn all about marketing and that too for free. This model has helped them a lot in scaling fast.

Abhishek's success with SEOCharge was published in Startup Info magazine, followed by Yourstory and other prominent media outlets.[4]

Products and Resources

As of now, SEO Charge has launched two learning hubs namely:

1) The Learn SEO Hub [5]

2) The Learn Marketing Hub [6]

Both of these hubs has been launched in 2021 and is avaliable on their website and Product hunt.

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