Russell Dennison

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Russell Dennison
Died Syria
Nationality USA

Russell Dennison was an American who volunteered to fight for Daesh, who died during a the final bombardments that ended the Daesh's de facto state.[1][2] Dennison was a convicted felon, who first converted to Islam, then became radicalized, and volunteered to fight for the de facto extremist state Daesh.

Dennison was the subject of an 8-part podcast, from Trevor Aaronson.[2] Dennison conducted a long clandestine correspondence with Aaronson.

By late 2014 Dennison had been injured, had a limp, and that caused him to retire from front-line fighting.[2] In December 2014 Dennison visited a barracks where female foreigners who volunteered for Daesh were confined, while they waited to be given to serve as a wife to a fighter. Aaronson said Dennison wanted to marry a local Syrian woman, but those running the barracks preferred to match foreign fighters with foreign wives. After a brief interview he selected his first wife, a UK woman later revealed to be Tareena Shakil. His marriage to Shakil was brief. She was homesick, and, after a few months, she was able to defect back to the United Kingdom.

Dennison married a second time, a Syrian woman this time, and the pair had two daughters.[2] Although Dennison died in the closing days of the war, his wife and daughters survived.


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