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Ruby Love is an American femtech e-commerce startup.[1][2] It designs, manufactures, and sells leak-proof and stain-free period apparel for teenagers and adult women.[3] The company ships its products worldwide with the U.S., Australia, Canada, and the U.K. being its biggest markets.

As of 2019, Ruby Love has generated an estimated revenue of $10 million and has more than 140,000 customers.[4]


Ruby Love was founded by African-American entrepreneur Crystal Etienne in December 2015. The company, known as PantyProp at the time, was completely bootstrapped by Etienne. [1] [2] It used a patented technology to develop discrete, leak-proof, stain-free, and comfortable period underwear.[5] In 2018, the company launched its swimwear line and were the first to sell the period swimwear.

In 2019, Etienne officially rebranded her company as Ruby Love. It also secured $15 million in funding from The Craftory, a $300 million global investment fund, in July 2019. This included an initial Series A funding of $8 million.


Ruby Love’s range of products includes period underwear, swimwear, loungewear, and activewear. The garments are chemical-free and eco-friendly. Each apparel uses a built-in absorbent organic cotton liner that is angled to collect menstrual flow, thus offering maximum protection against leaks and stains.

The company also sells product bundles such as the “Period Starter Kit” and “Monthly Period Kits”. Apart from apparel, these kits include educational resources to help young girls and women. Ruby Love also sells leak-proof incontinence boxer briefs for men.


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