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Roshan Bhondekar
Born 30 August 1987 (1987-08-30) (age 35)
Tumsar, Maharashtra, India
Occupation Writer, Filmmaker, Entrepreneur
Nationality Spanish
Education Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad(2012–2012), Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (2011–2011), Government College of Engineering, Karad (2005–2008)
Alma mater Government College of Engineering, Karad (2005–2008)
Spouse(s) Sahra Ardah

Roshan Bhondekar (born 30 August 1987) is an Indian-Spanish writer,[1] entrepreneur,[2] and filmmaker[3] known for award-winning short films and non-fiction books. He is the Founder and CEO of Transcontinental Times, a Spain-based media outlet.[4][5]

Early life

Bhondekar grew up in Tumsar town in the Bhandara district of Maharashtra.[6][7] He holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Information Technology from the Government College of Engineering, Karad – Maharashtra – India (2008). He has further acquired a cutting edge to his academic profile by completing EDP (Entrepreneurship & Designing in Projects) from IIT, Kanpur in 2010, and a full time Project Management (MDP) classroom program from IIM, Ahmadabad in 2012.[8]


Bhondekar worked for Electronic Data Systems at their India office as a Software Engineer for nearly three plus years and wrote Love – The Key to Optimism while he was in India.[9] He then moved to Spain in 2018 to focus full-time on his writing and film making career while working with IT Multi national company.[10]

Bhondekar has written and directed two film projects at Envision Film Studio, Hausla aur Raste in 2018, and The Shoes in 2019.[11]

Bhondekar is the author of a non-fiction book, Love-The Key to Optimism, and co-authored a book called The Frame – An Art of Optimism with Sahra Ardah.[12] He has also written numerous articles for various online platforms including Medium and Thrive Global.[1]

As of January 2017, Bhondekar has been the Vice President of an Indian NGO called Hope India.[13] In 2017, Bhondekar has received a mention in the book, No Limits, written by John C. Maxwell (bestselling author at New York Times).[14]

On 5th May 2020, Bhondekar was appointed as a Consulting Associate Director for L’Hospitalet de Llobregat International Film Festival in Europe.[15]

In June 2020, Bhondekar founded Transcontinental Times, a news company based in Madrid, Spain along with his wife, Sahra Ardah.[16][17][18]


  • Love - The Key To Optimism: Path Towards Happiness, 2015.[19]
  • The Frame: An Art of Optimism, 2018.[20]


Year Short Film Director Writer Notes Ref.
2018 Hausla Aur Raste Yes Yes Best 1st Time Filmmaker, Special Festival Mention [21]
2019 The Shoes Yes Yes Liberation and Social Justice and Protest, Special Mention [22][23]


Year Nominated work Category Award Result Notes Ref.
2018 Hausla Aur Raste Short Film Best 1st Time Filmmaker won Mediterranean Film Festival Cannes, France [24]
2018 Hausla Aur Raste Short Film Special Festival Mention won 7th Delhi Shorts International Film Festival, India [25]
2019 The Shoes Audience Choice Award - Nominated F5: FPP Financial Focus FilmFest, Florida, USA [26]
2019 The Shoes Liberation, Social Justice, Protest Award of Recognition won Accolade Global Film Competition Award, San Diego, USA [27][28]
2019 The Shoes XI RNE Short Film - Nominated XI RNE Short Film Contest on RTVE, Spain [29]
2020 The Shoes Short Film Special Mention Won Global Shorts Film Competition, Los Angeles, USA [30]

Personal life

In December 2018, Bhondekar married Sahra Ardah and they have a son named as ‘Leonardo’.[31][32]


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