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Roguestar in GoBots: Battle of the Rock Lords

Roguestar is a massive star ship that features in Challenge of the GoBots as the primary base of the Renegades.


Animated series

Following the fall of their stronghold on Earth, Cy-Kill was captured by the Guardians and kept on the Prison Moon of GoBotron. However, Renegade forces were still active where they made their vessel Roguestar their secret base of operations. Herr Fiend commanded the ship and after learning that Cy-Kill had escaped his cell he had the Astrobeam used to teleport a stealth device to the Renegade leader. This act allowed Cy-Kill and Fitor to escape the Prison Moon though the latter had to repair the stealth device as it was believed it was partly damaged during transport.

Though imprisoned, the Master Renegade had a plan in motion to secure his freedom. Whilst Scorp and Vamp seemingly served Cy-Kill in reality they were still loyal to the Master Renegade. They contacted Creepy on Antares-3 who was provided schematics on Roguestar. This allowed his craft to disable the massive ship's Stealth Device allowing Scorp and Vamp to free the Master Renegade whereupon they escaped in Creepy's ship.

At one point, Roguestar entered into the Earth solar system where it remained hidden under its cloak. From there, the Renegades launched raids against Earth and various human facilities in order to steal raw materials and supplies. Once done, they quickly retreated onboard their Thrusters back to Roguestar. It was eventually concluded that Roguestar was near Earth as this would explain the strange weather phenomena on the planet as they were affected by the massive mass generated by the Renegade spacecraft. By tracking the gravitational distortion the Guardians found Roguestar but were nearly destroyed in the encounter. This led to Leader-1 launching an infiltration mission by hiding on a human station that the Renegades targeted. Once on board, they battled the Renegades whilst Pathfinder placed a powerful explosive at the power core. However, after the Guardians escaped Cop-Tur and Cy-Kill discovered it where they jettisoned it into space. Cy-Kill then had the Stealth Device initiated and had junk from the cargo bays jettisoned making it appear as debris and that Roguestar had been destroyed. This made the Guardians believe their enemy and their Base had been defeated which allowed the Renegades the plot their next scheme.

In an effort to destroy Earth, Cy-Kill dispatched Pincher to retrieve Dr. Braxis from an Earth prison. Though initially grateful, the human scientist was slavishly put to work on designing a new weapon namely the Nova Beam. This device could generate a beam that could destabilise stars and cause them to explode. Once it was completed, Cy-Kill had Braxis left on Earth with the intention of killing him along with the Guardians when Earth was destroyed.

Fun Publications

Roguestar also featured in several episodes of Renegade Rhetoric on Facebook.


The vessel was so large that it was able to affect the gravitational affect on nearby planets. This resulted in strange weather phenomena on those world's such as storm clouds or dust storms that reached into deep space. It was this same phenomena that could serve as a means of tracking Roguestar by using sophisticated machines at tracking the gravitational distortions created by its size.

Across its surface was numerous weapon emplacements that could open up and be deployed against enemies. One of its key defensive systems was a Stealth Device that was a common piece of technology of the Renegades.

At one point, Roguestar was equipped with a Nova Beam designed by Dr. Braxis. This device generated an energy beam that could destabilise sun's and cause them to explode where they destroyed the entire star system. The power requirements were so massive that it drained Roguestars systems. The power drain left the ship practically defenseless as it could not operate it's weapons, shields or the Stealth Device.



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