Rodrigo Terron

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Born 1992/04/24
Sau Paulo
Residence Brazil
Nationality Brazil
Education Engineer

Early Life

Rodrigo Terron's early life was marked by challenges and obstacles, but he never let that stop him from pursuing his passion for technology. Growing up in Riacho Grande, a district of São Bernardo do Campo, Terron did not have access to a computer or internet at home until he was 18 years old. Despite this, he was determined to make a career in the technology industry. He spent his childhood in a neighborhood where clay and street became one and the same. From a very early age, Terron has always been passionate about technology, even though he only had access to his own computer and quality internet during the final years of high school. He knew that he wanted to work in technology, and he took steps to make that happen, studying Systems Analysis and Development in college and working in the automobile industry to gain experience in the field.


Rodrigo Terron's career as an entrepreneur began in 2014 when he founded Horizon Four, a company that specializes in development for start-ups. This led to the creation of Shawee, which merged with Rocketseat in 2020. The company focuses on training software developers and, in 2021, carried out one of the largest mergers and acquisitions in the field of developer education with Argentine firm Digital House. The deal, worth BRL 150m ($28m), resulted in the largest developer community in Latin America. In 2021, Terron's efforts were recognized by Forbes, who included him in their Under 30 list in the technology and innovation category. He was also invited by influencer El Gato to form and join the board of Los Grandes, the second largest e-sports organization in Latin America, where he is consolidating the team as one of the leading Esports teams in Latin America.