Robensan Gnaneswaran

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Robensan Gnaneswaran
Born November 23, 1989
Occupation Entrepreneur

Robensan Gnaneswaran, born on November 23, 1989, in Germany is a successful entrepreneur, networker and investor.

Past and Education

In 2014 he completed vocational training as a warehouse logistics specialist and continued to work in this area for the first time. He was responsible for a large company selling spare parts for agriculture and handling customer returns. In 2016 he graduated from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry as a specialist advisor for financial services. For the first time, he was active in the insurance sector as a financial service provider and built up customers across Germany and also built up teams. At the beginning of 2017, he decided to specialize in the area of ​​investment. He's also trained as a paramedic and has a strong interest in the medical field. In 2021 he started studying as an e-commerce manager for his next project.


In the area of ​​investment, he has built up many international companies and an international alliance with many investors worldwide. He was an important mainstay in many companies. The top record for a company was an investment by him and his alliance for a total of 25 million euros. He also gave coaching and trained people to build a mindset in order to become financially free. In doing so, he helped many people to build a completely new life. The next project that is currently being worked on is to set up an online shop that should be internationally successful.


He lives in Germany with his family. He campaigns for many poor children. Special but for girls in poor circumstances. He provides financial support to ensure that they get a decent education and are in a safe environment. He is also very interested in medicine, motorsport, music and theatre.