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Robbie Tripp

Photo of American rapper Robbie Tripp in 2022
Born October 8, 1990
Las Vegas, Nevada
Nationality American
Occupation Rapper; Internet Personality; Content Creator; Entrepreneur
Height 6'1"

Robbie Tripp is an American rapper and internet personality from Las Vegas, Nevada.[1] His debut single "Chubby Sexy" was released on May 24, 2019, and after going viral online, the song and its accompanying music video was highlighted by GQ Magazine as a "Moment of the Year" in its annual Men of the Year issue.[2] More recently, Tripp hit a turning point as a music artist on TikTok after snippets of his then-unreleased single "Big Girl Banger" started a trend of curvy and plus-size women across the world dancing to the song on the popular video-sharing app.[3]. In 2023, Tripp released the official music video for his single "Basic Bro", which garnered polarizing reactions on global rap blogs such as WorldStarHipHop and No Jumper.

Prior to his career as a music artist, Tripp was a writer and public speaker in San Francisco, California. He is the author of Create Rebellion, "an abstract manifesto for disruptive creativity"[4] and was formerly a contributing writer to Entrepreneur and HuffPost.[5][6] In February 2017, Tripp was the opening speaker at the first-ever TEDx event held in Salinas, California.[7]

Early life

Tripp spent his formative years training to achieve his goal of becoming a professional basketball player.[8][9][10] At 13 years old, Tripp was selected as one of 10 participants across the United States to attend Shaquille O'Neal's "Hot Shot Camp" sponsored by Nestle Crunch in Los Angeles, California.[11] In high school boy's basketball, Tripp led his classification in scoring and finished his senior season as the third overall leading scorer in the state of Utah, behind future BYU all-time leading scorer Tyler Haws and former Los Angeles Clippers guard C.J. Wilcox.[12][13] After relocating with his family to Las Vegas, Tripp was eventually recruited to play basketball at Hartnell College in Salinas, California. While in Salinas, Tripp founded and the Salinas Writer's Circle at the John Steinbeck Public Library, where he conducted writing workshops and led panels for local authors.[14][15]

Music career

On May 24, 2019, Tripp released his debut single "Chubby Sexy", along with the official music video, on all platforms. The release quickly caught fire on Twitter and made headlines from internet culture reporters around the world, culminating with the single and music video being featured as a "Moment of the Year" by GQ Magazine in their 2019 Men of the Year issue.[16] The release also landed Tripp a full page feature in the September 2019 issue of Men's Health in a cover story titled "The Manconomy".[17] Following the viral response to "Chubby Sexy", one publication notably referred to Tripp as "the wholesome Post Malone of body positivity."[[18]]

Tripp's follow up single would come in April 2020 when he released "Luka Doncic", a hip hop anthem named after NBA All-Star and Slovenian basketball sensation, Luka Dončić. The song gained success in Europe and was featured on the front page of Slovenia's number one sports news channel Ekipa24.[19] The song received further attention when Dallas Mavericks owner and billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban heard the song named after the Mavs' star player and requested the song be played pre-game during Dallas Mavericks home games at American Airlines Center.[20]

On May 21, 2021, Tripp released his collaboration with RiFF RAFF for their single "Flamingo Freestyle". The official music video was creative directed by Tripp and filmed in Miami Beach, Florida. The official "Flamingo Freestyle" music video premiered on Jody Highroller's official YouTube channel.[21]

In January 2022, Tripp began teasing a new body positive song on TikTok featuring the words "It's a big girl banger." The sound quickly gained traction on the popular video-sharing app as a trend for curvy and plus-size women, as users from around the world began using the snippet to showcase their swimsuits and body confidence in viral videos. On May 6, 2022, Tripp released the official single for "Big Girl Banger" on all platforms along with a viral music video on his official YouTube channel. The video shows Tripp and three plus-size models dancing and showcasing their zaftig figures to Tripp's performance of the pop rap single. The success of "Big Girl Banger" on TikTok made headlines across the internet and quickly surpassed 1 million views on Spotify from listeners around the world. Tripp revealed he had grown over 900,000 followers on TikTok from the popularity of the song.

On March 31, 2023, Tripp released his next single "Basic Bro" with an official music video on his YouTube channel.[22] The video quickly went viral amassing half a million views within its first week of release after popular rap blogs/pages WorldstarHipHop, RapTV, No Jumper, and Say Cheese TV posted clips from the official "BASIC BRO" music video, all with polarizing reactions in the comments about Tripp making a "demon time" drill rap-inspired music video. The video shows Tripp energetically flexing on his haters along with his crew comprised of his former college basketball teammates, while Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model Ella Halikas stars as the video vixen. The music video caused a stir online and resulted in viral reactions across Instagram and YouTube in response to Tripp's viral "BASIC BRO" official music video.

In May 2023, Tripp released a collaboration with viral freestyle rapper Lil Seeto for their single and official music video "Money Honey".[23] Tripp's collaboration with featured artist Lil Seeto comes after the Washington artist made waves in the rap industry following his appearance on Thizzler’s 2022 Cypher.[24] Tripp's collaboration with Lil Seeto on the official "Money Honey" music video was subsequently featured on popular West Coast rap blog Thizzler and hip-hip media giant No Jumper.[25]

Tripp secured a massive co-sign from BlocBoy JB on Tripp's single and music video "They Said" in June 2023.[26] As a major rap artist signed with Interscope Records, Blocboy JB is known for his Drake-fueled smash hit “Look Alive” which peaked at number 5 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The Memphis rapper collaborated with Tripp in his hometown of Las Vegas to film the music video for “They Said” at a local jewelry store.[27]

Viral post

On July 31, 2017, Tripp posted a photo on his Instagram featuring himself and his wife Sarah on a beach in Miami, Florida and talking about his love for her along with a message of body positivity for his followers.[28][29] [30] The post quickly went viral on Instagram and then Facebook, and news outlets from around the world began covering the story, titling Tripp "husband of the year" and referring to the couple as "relationship goals" and "viral sensations."[31][32][33] Due to the overwhelming media coverage, the post spread even more rapidly in the week following the post, eventually surpassing over 225,000 reactions on Facebook and 40,000 likes on Instagram. The post became such a hot topic that it was also shared on social media by celebrities such as Adam Levine and Tia Mowry.[34][35] As the post continued to make headlines worldwide, criticism and backlash also started to appear, with some labeling the post an example of "male feminism" and arguing that Tripp's post "pats himself on the back" for loving a curvy woman.[36][37] The couple then appeared on Good Morning America, BBC World News, Good Morning Britain, and PEOPLE Now Live to talk about the wide-ranging response to the post and further discuss its message of body positivity and inclusivity.[38][39]

Personal Life

Tripp lives in Las Vegas with his wife, Sarah Tripp, a popular fashion and lifestyle influencer and body positive model.[40][41] They have one child together.

As a child, Tripp traveled to 49 of the 50 United States as his older brother, Ryan Tripp, became the Guinness World Record holder from 1998-2000 for the world's longest ride on a lawnmower. From 1997-1998, the Tripp family traveled 3,116 miles from Salt Lake City, Utah to Washington D.C. to raise awareness for organ and tissue donation and raise funds for a family friend's toddler in need of a kidney transplant.[42][43]

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