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Reza Sajedi was born in Tehran (born 30 September 1995) in Iran, Shahr Ray, Tehran, and currently lives in Mirdamad, Tehran, and works in her own studio.

Reza Sajedi Ponishare-verified.png
Born 30 September 1995 (1995-09-30) (age 27)
Tehran, Iran
Nationality Irani
Education Diploma
Occupation Maker Music, Artist , Composer , Beat Maker , Songwriter , Musician
Years active 2008 present
Height 1.67 m

Early life

Reza Sajedi [1] Reza Sajedi entered the field of music in 2008, in the first years he was very eager to learn, and this made him become more interested in music day by day, so a spark came in his mind that made him pursue music and every day He used to listen to new music in different styles. His strong interest made him enroll in music classes, although it goes without saying that he did not have great conditions because he grew up in a middle-class family and there was no one to support him who could afford the costs of the classes. but his strong interest made him save his money so that he could one day enroll in music classes and that was it, he practiced every day with all the hardships he had and went to singing and solfege training classes. He paid for himself, after a 2-year period with the great stand of Iranian music, he was able to master his voice because he had practiced for days to achieve the desired result. Kurd was able to learn composition experimentally, without going to training classes, and after some time To work professionally, he was very enthusiastic in the field of music and was always full of motivation. After the time he spent singing and composing, he entered a new world, that is, arranging music, his strong interest in music grew every day. He started composing experimentally, of course, with the help of tutorials on music education sites, he was able to master music composition software over time, and he learned new things by updating himself every day. He produces and arranges all his own music pieces and is currently producing singles which is his experience for several years and will release his album in the music market in the near future. Full specifications of Reza Sajedi in Google Retrieved 19 January 2023


Reza Sajedi was very fond of reading from the very beginning in his childhood, although he did not have favorable conditions to achieve a good result, because art is a bit difficult in families that are not familiar with music or art, but with his hard work and perseverance, he was able to Let the music work.


Reza Sajedi main profession is singing and arranging music,In the official news[2] he works professionally in both fields, and until today he has produced many pieces and all his works have been published under the stage name Reza Sajdi, his latest work is called Khosh Oomadi[3] which has had a lot of reflection in the music market.


Singles and Albums

Year Song Featured artist(s) Composer(s) Genre Language(s)
2022 [Kosh Oomadi] No cooperation [REZA SAJEDI] Pop Persian
2022 [Noghte Zaf] No cooperation [REZA SAJEDI] Pop Persian
2022 [Taghche Bala] No cooperation [REZA SAJEDI] Pop Persian
2022 [Talafi] No cooperation [REZA SAJEDI] Pop Persian
2022 [Jolo Hame] No cooperation [REZA SAJEDI] Pop Persian
2022 [Sokout] No cooperation [REZA SAJEDI] Pop Persian
2022 [Moama] No cooperation [REZA SAJEDI] Pop Persian
2022 [Eshgh Hamine] No cooperation [REZA SAJEDI] Pop Persian
2022 [Deltangi] No cooperation [REZA SAJEDI] Pop Persian
2022 [Sarzadeh] No cooperation [REZA SAJEDI] Pop Persian
2022 [Khate Aval] No cooperation [REZA SAJEDI] Pop Persian


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