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The Relief is a fireboat operated in Alexandria, Virginia.[1] She replaced the Vigilant, a smaller vessel.[2]

She does not have a dedicated crew, she is operated by firefighters who normally staff the Alexandria Fire Department's Engine 201.[3]

The Alexandria Fire Department has the responsibility to provide the water necessary to fight fires on the nearby Woodrow Wilson Bridge. The Relief will provide this water.

In September, 2011, Alexandria received a $1.23 million FEMA Port Security Grant to acquire the Relief.[4]


She was built in Kingston, Ontario, by MetalCraft, to its FireStorm 50 design.[5] Her hull is aluminum. She is propelled by a pair of waterjets to a maximum speed of 44 knots. She carries four water cannons, that can project approximately 7,000 US gallons per minute. Her two Rolls Royce diesel engines generate 1830 horsepower.

Her air-conditioned cabin has an airtight seal, to operate in areas with toxic fumes. She has a small infirmary section, and is also equipped for search and rescue.[5]

Operational career

The Relief was delivered in September, 2013.[3] Problems were found, and she was returned to the manufacturer, and returned in June, 2014.

The Relief joined the fireboat John Glenn in leading a celebratory parade of vessel down the Potomac River on the evening of December 9, 2021.[1] The Parade was illuminated, and included fifty vessels, stretched over a distance of one mile.


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