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King Atlas
Micronauts character
Red Falcon toy box
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Death Cross
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Red Falcon is a fictional character from the Micronauts series introduced as a toy in 1980.


Red Falcon is a fictional character in the Micronauts series as a toy in 1980. Although he initially did not appear in any fiction was released only in Italy as a toy, he would go on to be a character in the Image and IDW comics as well as getting a release in the Palisades toy line.


Red Falcon was released in Italy by Gig.


2016 IDW Publishing

Part of the Emperor's inner circle, Baron Karza developed a hatred for the Red Falcon, the son of Microspace's ruler; not only did the arrogant warrior ignorantly meddle in diplomacy, but he was betrothed to Shazraella – the Mistress of Spies and object of Karza's affections. When a Pharoid temple was occupied by militants, Karza and the Falcon led a battalion of Acroyears on a rescue mission. At the battle's conclusion, Karza received a cryptic warning from one of the dying militants, before discovering Red Falcon inside the heart of the temple, communing with five Time Travelers. The Emperor's son returned home with claims that the Travelers, part of a Pharoid sect said to have transcended time itself, had shown him the future, and that by seeking their counsel he alone could guide the empire on the right path.

Concerned that the Falcon was withholding something, Karza attempted to convince Baron Daegon, his counterpart in the Ministry of Science, to help act against the heir to the empire, but was turned away. Before long, however, Shazraella sought out Karza, sharing his concerns about Red Falcon, and the pair embraced in a kiss for the first time. The Mistress of Spies revealed that the Time Travelers were showing her betrothed his own bloody ascent to the throne, and resolved to work with the Baron to avoid this. Together they prepared an arcane poison which Karza slipped into the Red Falcon's goblet, killing the heir and ending the threat he posed to Microspace's future.


  • Gig Micronauti Red Falcon (1980)
A release of the Takara Death Cross figure.
  • Palisades Micronauts Red Falcon (2003)
Comes in four color variants.


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