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This article was deleted from Wikipedia and has been remade in a simplified form and can be expanded. A news article about the deletion can be viewed here.
Birth name James Haworth
Also known as realjamesh
Born August 15, 2005 (2005-08-15) (age 15)
Origin England
Occupations CEO of Verified Handles
Years active 2019-presant
Labels JEM Media

James Haworth (born August 15, 2005) known by his online pseudonym realjamesh is a businessman, computer scientist and the founder of Verified Handles. Haworth personally founded JEM Media and Verified Handles's subservice VHID.


Haworth had released music before it was removed from streaming services.[1] He has also played Minecraft as part of a YouTube series,[2] view-botted a video on social app Triller,[3] founded JEM Media[4] and Verified Handles,[5] been hacked on Instagram[6] and had his Wikipedia article[7] and account talk page vandalised.[8]


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