Real Lane Lacida

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Real Lane Lacida
Born 2010/05/05
Residence Montevista
Nationality Filipino
Other names @reallanelacida
Education Montevista Central Elementary School
Alma mater Montevista Central Elementary School

Real Lane Lacida is a Filipino Internet Celebrity;she is known by her Tik Tok account about dancing and lip-sync ;she is currently working in her web-series Real Lane's Tik Tok.

Early Life

Real Lane Lacida was an ordinary child and her mother Lani Lacida supports her from she's education and specially giving her a love from her child;she is depressed of why he's Father leaves her when she was young and marries another woman;but because of she's Tik Tok account she's depressed has been free;now she is currently working in her web-series Real Lane's Tik Tok;she made the Web-series in 2020 cause to make she's work in Tik Tok more relevant;with the help of Tik Tok life has been free and not depressed; currently he's father is always there for her in the communication in Facebook Messenger when they video call and she is happy to meet her half-brother.



Real Lane's Tik Tok-Self