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Razib Ahmed has been awarded the Bangladeshi Facebook Community Leadership Fellow Award [1] [2] [3] and founding president of e-Cabs. [4][5] [6] The Government of Bangladesh has received several awards for its contribution to information technology. [5]

Razib Ahmed
Native name রাজিব আহমেদ

}}}}}}}} 22,

}} 1985
Nationality Bangladeshi
Alma mater
Occupation Teacher Writer
Years active 1999– Present
Awards Community Leadership Award Facebook Fellow 2018

Childhood & Education

Razib Ahmed was born on 22 March 1985 in Dhaka. He passed HSC from Notre Dame College and studied English at Dhaka University . He chose teaching as his profession. He taught at a private university for about three years. Then in 2002 he left teaching and started working online. Besides, as a freelance writer, he used to write in various magazines on various topics including technology.


Razib Ahmed is the editor of Ecombd dot net, a blog on e-commerce in Bangladesh. He has been working as an ICT freelance journalist since 1999 and has written hundreds of reports, articles, interviews, translations, etc. in various newspapers and magazines in Bangladesh. Razib Ahmed wrote a cover story about e-commerce in May 2000 about monthly computer bizarres (the country's only ICT magazine then). Since then he has been interested in e-commerce. Rajib and his team provided research and other support to bangladesh's first e-commerce management published during dhaka e-commerce fair 2014. Razib Ahmed worked with Bangladesh Computer Society  (BCS) and assisted them in media and publishing activities during BCS computer shows 2004 and 2005. He supported the Internet Service Providers Association Bangladesh (ISPAB) during the Internet Fair 2005. [7]

Razib Ahmed worked with the Asian-Oceanian Computing Industry Organization (AOCOA) during 2013-14. He worked there as assistant chairman. (AOCOA) Under the guidance of the Chairman, Rajib Ahmed has directed the Aokaea e-newsletter (published quarterly) and contributed to the publication of the 30th year anniversary souvenir book AOKA. He started professional blogging in July 2005. He then joined the California-based know More Media blog network in March 2006 and wrote two of their blogs, South Asiabuzz and Indianraj. Rajib won the July 2006 No More Media Writer Award. From 2005 to the present day, he has written thousands of blog posts on various blogs and was the founding president of e-cabs, an E-commerce organization. He is currently serving as an executive director of Search English. [7]

Notable works

The English language learning group 'Search English' started its journey on Facebook in July 2016 with the aim of making the common people of Bangladesh proficient in English. The founder of the group is Razib Ahmed . There is no end to the fear among students about English. Being a good student, doing well in all subjects, but failing in English, many fall behind. Rajib Ahmed was dreaming of doing something for the students with such thoughts. [8]

Instead of going to traditional English education, the platform gained huge popularity in a very short time as a result of the exceptional practice of English. He feels that 'Search English' is playing a very effective role in encouraging the common man to practice English. In a short span of time, people of different ages and professions are regularly studying English in this Facebook group.

Facebook Business made a documentary about the popular Facebook group in Bangladesh in October 2017. Facebook authorities published documentaries not only about the first Facebook group in Bangladesh but also on the first group in Asia. [9]

Search English has achieved another international success. The Facebook group from Bangladesh has been nominated for the Social Media for Empowerment Award. The group received the nomination in the community mobilization branch. Nine other institutions have been nominated to this branch. Search English won the nomination by competing with 180 initiatives.

Along with Search English, two other Bangladeshi projects have been nominated for the award. One of them is UNICEF's National Multimedia Initiative for Ending Child Marriage. It has been nominated in the Communication, Advocacy and Development Activism wing. Another is BBC Media Action, nominated to the Project Community Mobilization Branch titled 'Hello Check!- Now It's Your Turn to Say'.

The Award was launched by the Digital Empowerment Forum (DEF) in 2013 with the objective of honouring the efforts of public and private institutions working to empower the common man through the use of social media. The award was presented to institutions from eight South Asian countries. The gala event of the award was held in Delhi on May 25, 2018.

He created a Facebook group called Digital Skills for Bangladesh, which is supporting information technology education in Bengali. Women and e-Commerce forum (WE) was created to help women in ecommerce and create entrepreneurship. [10] [11] [11] [12] [13]


  • Know More Media (Author) 2006
  • Community Leadership Award Facebook Fellow 2018 [14]


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