Rayhan Shofiq Shoshi

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Rayhan Shofiq Shoshi

Picture of Rayhan Shofiq Shoshi
Native name রায়হান শফিক শশী
Born 5th September 1986
Natore, Rajshahi
Residence Dhaka, Bangladesh
Nationality Bangladeshi
Other names Rayhan Shoshi
Education MFA, Fine Arts, UODA
Known for Film Director, Novel Writer & Artist
Notable works Déjà vu (Short Film),
Padmapuran (Scriptwriter),
Life In Rainbow (Director of art & lyric Writer)
Awards Best Philosophical Film Award, Cannes World Film Festival

Rayhan Shofiq Shoshi Blue badge.png known as Rayhan Shoshi is a Film Director, Novel Writer & Artist from Bangladesh Born in 5th September 1986. His full name is Rayhan Shafiq Shoshi. He was born in Natore district, the most cultured city of Rajshahi Division. His grandfather Montassar Rahman was the father of the language movement in North Bengal and organizer of the liberation war. His Father Manjurul Morshed, a heroic freedom fighter, was a film producer and businessman. Mother Raihanul Jannat is a solid housewife and short story writer. Elder Brother Raihan Sharif is a proud Pilot of Bangladesh Air Force. Younger brother Raihan Sakib is a double master’s holder. Rayhan Shoshi's wife Farah Naz Alam is a creative graphic designer & film producer.

Early Life

Growing up in his hometown, Usha Khela ghor Asar and Nrintangan started walking hand in hand & start taking lesson of classical dance along with folk, Vorot natyam dance. He used to go to Biswasahitya Kendra holding the hand of his elder brother wing commander Raihan sharif and he used to read story novels from a very young age.
He has spent his school life immersed in the novels of foreign writers, as well as painting. After finishing his studies at UODA Fine Arts, he felt a lack of storytelling as he wandered around with film bugs on his head. He immediately made the final decision to write the novel. "Ordhopokkho"(a week) is the first published thriller novel written by Rayhan shoshi & the first short film is Déjà vu.


Rayhan shoshi started his career as a graphic designer at agency named Team Engine in 2010. He was a famous teacher at BAF Shaheen School & college, Shamsher Nagar, Moulavi Bazar, Sylhet in 2012. He started his career as a Television presenter at SAtv in 2014. AIMC Bangladesh made him their Creative Visualizer in 2015 & he start working as the Art Director in a film named Life In Rainbow directed by Razibul Hossain, Then he write the theme song for this adventure film. He joined as a Copywriter at AD65 in 2016.
He was the AV director of Mojo Pitha Utshob, Akij Group. In 2017 he wrote the script for a feature film named PADMAPURAN. He worked as art director of the Channel I reality show Ke Hobe Masud Rana in 2019 & in the same year he started working as Audio Visual Supervisor at Reflect Media & Communications. In the covid19 period starts to create Book Cover for several novels & poetry books & these book cover design helped him to become a novel writer.
His 1st Thriller novel “Ordhopokkho (A week)” published at Ekushe Boi Mela 2022. From the childhood Rayhan Shoshi got the attraction for cinema, he always wanted to be a film director, then after ten years of his working period in 2022 he made a short film on environment & women freedom issue named Déjà vu, and it has earned 23 international recognitions yet.


SSC - Natore Government Boys’ High School, Bangladesh
Pre Degree - Dhaka Art College, Dhaka, Bangladesh
B.F.A - University of Development Alternative, Dhaka, Bangladesh
M.F.A - University of Development Alternative, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Writer and director

Rayhan Shoshi Wrote the theme song of Life in Rainbow Film in 2015. In 2022 Rayhan shoshi wrote a tremendous feature film script of PADMAPURAN (National award winner in three category). He has written a thriller novel named “Orthopokkho” published in Ekushe Boi mela 2022 from Noirita Café Publications.
He made several SME awardee success video documentaries of
SME foundation Bangladesh & few for others. He directed two musical film on Lalon shah’s famous songs. Rayhan Shoshi Directed more than 20 Documentary film for SME foundation Bangladesh & other government-nongovernment institutes. He made few TVC/OVC for some renown FMCG brands in Bangladesh.

Awards & International Recognitions

Film DÉJÀ VU (short film)

BANGLADESH Cinemaking International Film Festival Short Film Official Selection
Delhi NCR, INDIA 12th Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival-22 Foreign Short Film Honorable Jury Mention award
Cannes France CANNES World Film Festival Philosophical Film Award winner
USA Accolade Global Film Competition Foreign Short Film Award of Merit
Hungary Adolph Zukor International Film Festival Environmental Short Film Award Nominee
Kathmandu,Nepal Nepal Cultural International Film Festival Best Environmental Film Award winner
Iran First Women Film Festival 2022 Best Cinematography Award winner
Iran First Women Film Festival 2022 Best Poster Award winner
Iran First Women Film Festival 2022 Best Short Film Award winner
Italy Gladio Film Award Best Music Award winner
Los Angeles, USA Indie Short Fest Best short Film Award nominee
Karnataka, India Karnataka Youth International Short Film Festival Foreign Film Official Selection
Kolkata, India Kolkata Open Air Film Festival Best Short Film Special jury award
Europe 4rt Screen Online Film Award Short Film Official selection
Mumbai, India Lensfame International Film Festival 2022 Best Environmental Film Award winner
UK First Time Film Maker Season 2022 Short Film Official selection
UK Lift-off Global Network Season 2022 Short Film Official selection
Moharastra, India ROSHANI International Film Festival 2022 Best Director Award winner
Moharastra, India ROSHANI International Film Festival 2022 Best Experimental Award winner
Moharastra, India ROSHANI International Film Festival 2022 Best Story Writer Award winner
Republic of Moldova Serbest International Film Festival Best Foreign Semi-Finalist
India-Japan White Unicorn International Film Festival 2022 Best Short Film Special Jury Award

Social Media Profiles

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Cannes World Film Festival
Indie Short Fest Nominations
12th Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival-2022

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