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Ranvijayy Kambale Ponishare-verified.png
Born Kolhapur Maharashtra
Nationality Indian
Education Bsc in Chemistry
Occupation Youtuber & Digital Marketer
Known for Travel & Lifestyle Vlogger, Digital Marketer, Content Creator
Spouse Kritiika Ranvijayy
Parents Madhavi & Tukaram

Ranvijayy Kambale

Date of Birth  : 10th June 1996

Hight  : 5'7''

University  : Ch.Shivaji University, Kolhapur


Early Life

Born on June 10, 1996, in Kolhapur, Maharashtra, Ranvijayy Kamable emerged from a middle-class backdrop with boundless dreams. Completing education locally, he cultivated a resilience to dream big while staying rooted. In 2018, Ranvijayy ventured into the digital landscape, kickstarting his journey on YouTube. As 2019 and 2020 unfolded with lockdowns, he seamlessly transitioned into digital marketing and social media, demonstrating adaptability and entrepreneurial spirit. Ranvijayy Kamable's story is a testament to turning dreams into reality, proving that humble beginnings can lead to digital triumphs.


Ranvijayy Kambale's captivating YouTube channel, "Ranvijayy Kambale Vlogs," is a haven for enthusiasts of fantastic travel and lifestyle content worldwide. Renowned for his awe-inspiring vlogs, Ranvijayy shares his personal travel experiences, taking his audience on a journey to diverse destinations. Beyond being an accomplished vlogger, Ranvijayy is a devoted biker who champions safety. Wearing full gear, he actively promotes helmet use and road safety awareness. His commitment to safety resonates as he explores new cities, beaches, mountains, and historical sites, creating a compelling blend of adventure and responsibility in his content.


Ranvijayy Kambale secured the second position in the district-wide 3000m running race, showcasing remarkable athletic prowess and determination. In 2014, Ranvijayy Kambale earned the title of "Attitude King Of Kolhapur," a testament to his charismatic presence and distinctive flair. Renowned for his dedication and unwavering passion, Ranvijayy brings an unmatched enthusiasm to his endeavors, leaving an indelible mark in both his achievements and attitude towards life.


Ranvijayy Kambale is a passionate world traveler, indulging in enriching experiences that define the essence of life. With a keen desire to craft lasting memories, he explores diverse destinations, cherishing the beauty of the world. Beyond his love for travel, Ranvijayy finds joy in the rhythm of life through music, particularly drawn to hip hop songs. He's an avid reader, finding solace and knowledge within the pages of books. Whether strolling along serene beaches or venturing into new countries and cities, Ranvijayy embraces the richness of life's tapestry.

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Ranvijayy Kambale is well-versed in the realms of Jyotish, numerology, astrology, and tantra. His profound knowledge is not just theoretical; he has delved deep into these subjects, reading extensively and collaborating with renowned astrologers. As a digital marketer and social media manager, he has applied his expertise in promoting spiritual insights.Beyond his professional pursuits, Ranvijayy is a true spiritual individual, navigating his own path and adhering to his unique dharma. His commitment to spiritual growth is evident in both his personal journey and professional endeavors.