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Rahul Vyas, also known as Raja, is an Indian Entrepreneur, Political Analyst, Civil Engineer and Digital Marketer from Bikaner India. He is best known for his role in the Rajasthan Politics as the founder of The Indrakshi Consultant and co-founder of TDA India Pvt. Ltd.

Early Life

Rahul Vyas was born on 4 January 1997 in Bikaner, a city located in the Indian state of Rajasthan to the family of City's leading family in various art and cultural activist Saafe Waale Vyas Ji.


Rahul Varun was born in Bikaner, RJ in a Hindu family with a simple background. His father, Brajeshwar Lal Vyas, is a small business owner and farmer, and his mother, Hema Devi, is a homemaker. Rahul Vyas married Meenakshi Acharya on 21 Feb 2019 in Bikaner, India.


Rahul Vyas, the founder of INDRAKSHI CONSULTANT, is a 26-year-old Indian Entrepreneur, Political Analyst, Civil Engineer and Digital Marketer. Recently, Rahul was honored with the Bikaner Ratna Samman organized by Municipal Corporation Bikaner & Many from private institutions.


Rahul's height is 6'-6" feet and his weight is 95 kg. His eyes and hair are black. He is associated with the political persons and doing as well as Nagar Mitra of Rajasthan Government in Bikaner Dis trict.


Rahul Varun did his Graduate Diploma in Civil Engg. from Board of Technical Education Rajasthan Jodhpur and Graduate B. comm. From MGSU Bikaner.

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