RJ Yolande Mendes

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RJ Yolande Mendes
Born 03 November 1990 (Age 31)
Mazgaon, Mumbai, India
Nationality Indian
Education MBA
Occupation Radio Jockey, Singer, Voice Actor

RJ Yolande Mendes (born 03 November 1990) is a Singer, Voice-over Artist and a former Radio Jockey from Mumbai.[1][2]

Early Life and Education

RJ Yolande Mendes was born and brought up in Mazgaon, Mumbai and has completed her MBA in Operations Management from URAL Federal University, Russia prior to which she completed her BMM in Advertisement from Mumbai, India. Besides this she has also completed 200+ Certificate Courses on Various Fields of study.[2][1]


While pursuing her education, RJ Yolande Mendes did shows as a Radio Jockey in channels like Radio MUST 107.8 FM (Mumbai University’s Community Radio), Music Aur Masti, The Radio Red & Radio Asia Live (Internet Radio Channels) as well as worked for Telecommunication and Mortgage firms in voice-processes.

She is currently the CEO of DIVE International which is a Digital Marketing Firm.

RJ Yolande Mendes features as a Singer on channels like Apple iTunes, Spotify, YouTube Music, YouTube, Amazon Music, SoundCloud, etc. with Gospel Music and Various Bollywood & English Cover songs performed. Her albums are created in various Languages like Konkani, Hindi, English, Tamil, Punjabi, etc.[3]

Harvard World Records has awarded Yolande Mendes the record for “Most Certifications in a Lifetime” for completing more than 500 certifications across many areas of expertise.[4]

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