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R-Blade is an Autobot from Transformers: Robot Masters who transforms into a jet.

Transformers character
R Blade.png
Name R-Blade
Gender Male


The R-Blade is a humanoid unit that is very boxy, in terms of its design. Being based on data gathered from Real Personal Trooper Type-1, the R-Blade bears a striking resemblance to its predecessor, albeit with a greatly simplified head and body. The machine is colored shades of medium and dark grey, with only a splash of red accenting on the arms, backpack unit, and cockpit hatch standing out from its otherwise monochromatic appearance. The R-Blade Custom is very similar, but has shades of very light blue instead of the grey on its limbs and medium blue instead of the dark grey of its chest. It has a pair of shields on the shoulders that can dock on the back as wings that are colored in blue but are outlined in white.


The R-Blade is the next generation mass production unit developed by Mao Industries. This unit is based off of the R-1 of the SRX Developmental Project. In order to lower production costs, the transformation capability of the R-1 has been removed and since the pilots are intended to be normal pilots, the T-Link System is removed as well. It is given a solid weapon system that is somewhat based off of the R-1's weapon system. As of Original Generation 2, three of these units have been built. The first unit, the PTX-014-1, is the prototype unit. The PTX-014-2 is the follow up unit. The PTX-014-3 R-Blade is the final test unit, meant for mass production. It is to be field tested by Ryusei Date of the SRX Team. After Ryusei receives his R-1 unit again, the R-Blade is handed down to Arado Balanga.  This unit is later upgraded into the R-Blade Custom and given to Ing Egret until he acquires the PTX-EX Exbein "Ashe".

In Alpha 3, the R-Blade is ready for mass production and a customized unit is even built for special pilots. This unit has Jacket Armor, derived from the PTX-015 Wild Wurger, instead of normal armor, for improvements in movement capabilities, as well as a Tesla Drive, for flight abilities. It also has an improved weapons system. This unit is fielded by Ryusei Date.


In Original Generation 2, it was mentioned that a mass production variant of the R-Blade, the R-Schneide, was under development at Mao Industries. The R-Schneide was suppose to be equipped with a Tesla Drive backpack with built-in beam cannons, giving it flight capability. However, before the final design of the R-Schneide could be decided, the Neo Divine Crusaders fielded their own new machine, the R-Eins, which greatly resembled the R-Blade, with a Tesla Drive backpack and built-in beam cannons, but lacking the Blade Tonfas. It later turns out that the R-Eins was the mass production model of the R-1, developed in the Shadow-Mirror's parallel universe.

R-Blade Specifications

1) Height: 19.0 meters

2) Weight: 45.8 tons

3) Weapon Systems:

Vulcan Guns - A pair of small-caliber guns mounted in the head.

G-Revolver - A small pistol for mid-range combat.

G-Railgun - A handheld railgun for engaging in long range strikes.

Blade Tonfa - A pair of blade-equipped tonfas, mounted on the waist. These handheld melee weapons can be used for quick close range strikes.


R-Blade ()

A recolor of Hooligan.