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See also Quintessa (Transformers).

Quintessa is the home planet of the Quintessons in various Transformers media.


Generation 1

Animated series

Quintessa first appears in The Transformers: The Movie after Hot Rod, Kup, and the Dinobots crash-land on the planet. The former pair, after engaging the mechanized sea-life, run afoul of the Allicons, who soon bring them before the Quintessons to be judged for their "crimes." After a grueling battle with the Sharkticons, they are rescued by the Dinobots led by Wheelie, and then escape in a Quintesson ship after the Sharkticons are convinced to turn against their masters. It doesn't last, however, as the Quintessons soon restore order and soon recapture Kup along with Ultra Magnus, bringing the pair to Quintessa to stand trial. After Rodimus Prime arrives as part of a rescue effort, the Quintessons willingly destroy their own homeworld in a bid to annihilate the Autobot leader, and soon set their sights on their lost colony of Cybertron only to be defeated.

IDW Publishing

In Transformers: Deviations, Quintessa is the site of a controlled landing-rather than a crash-of the ship carrying Kup, the Dinobots, and Optimus Prime. In this version of events, Optimus leads his forces in attacking the Quintesson court, freeing their prisoners and driving off teh Quintessons. This prevents the death of Kranix which occurred in the movie, and he joins the Autobots in traveling to Cybertron to confront Unicron.


Cartoon series

Though it does not appear, Quintessa is mentioned in the episode "Society of Ultimate Villainy" by Swindle, who recommends it to Society of Ultimate Villainy leader Slo-Mo.

Aligned Continuity


In Transformers: Retribution, Quintessa is the hidden homeworld of the Quintessons and capital of the Quintesson Empire/Co-Prosperity Sphere. Though not expressly stated, it may be the world where Quintus Prime first gave life to the Quintessons.