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Quickshadow is a female Autobot, first introduced in Transformers: Rescue Bots.


Aligned Continuity

Voiced by Alex Kingston, Quickshadow speaks with a British accent and turns into a sportscar with numerous special features reminiscent of James Bond, with Optimus Prime providing the means for her to scan this form.

Animated series

Quickshadow first appears in season 4 where, on two occasions, she uses technology given her by Optimus to redirect the Groundbridge being used by her fellow Rescue Bots: first to the Sahara Desert and later to a crowded bridge. After following them back through to Griffin Rock on the second occasion, she poses as a normal Earth car and begins engaging in rescue duties around the island. After rescuing Cece Greene from inside a bank vault, her true identity is revealed, as is her assignment to help the Rescue Bots learn to function more individually. She subsequently reveals that she has employed a number of aliases-including Slipchain and Overdrive-throughout various missions, only revealing her true name on Optimus' instructions. Optimus' hope was that she and the Rescue Bots would better each other through their interaction, a hope that was realized when they worked together to deal with a hazardous chemical spill.

Offered a place on the Griffin Rock team, Quickshadow declined, choosing instead to operate from the nearby mainland and train new Rescue Bots at the academy then being constructed there. However, she would soon find herself drawn back into contact with her new allies due to the machinations of twin criminals Evan and Myles.