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Quartex is the home planet of the Rock Lords in the GoBots and Transformers franchises.

Rock Lords

Quartex was a planet that was home to organic sentient life with a humanoid species once populating its surface. This civilization had once reached a highly sophisticated level as they were able to construct robotic lifeforms. However, an unknown catastrophe fell on the world which merged all biological life with rocks. As a result, the Rock Lords were created with other living creatures becoming stone covered beasts. The planet became divided into numerous kingdoms where each of the various rulers were given a Power Sceptre that contained great power but had the ability of merging with the others to form a powerful energy source. At some point, a rising warlord by the name of Magmar decided to take the scepters of his fellow Rock Lords in order to forge an artifact of great cosmic power that could rule the stars. Thus, he and his evil followers waged a war against each Rock Lord where he toppled their kingdom and took their relic back to his headquarters at Stonehead. The growing threat of Magmar led to Solitaire taking a star ship into space in order to seek the aid of the GoBots. Her arrival on GoBotron was met by the Guardians but also attracted the attention of Cy-Kill and his Renegades who also desired the power of the scepters.

According to Magmar, there were creatures on the surface of Quartex that would eat a starship for breakfast. One of the native lifeforms that were curiously not rock-like in composition were the Narlies that came in a variety of forms but typically were four legged animals with snouts along with large amount of fur. Among the more dangerous predators were the gigantic Rockasaurs that were similar to the Rock Lords in the sense that they were able to transform into rocks. Such beasts included the flying Terra-Roc and four legged Spike Stone. Another dangerous native creature were Magnites that floated in the air and swarmed over living creatures in order to latch onto them. Once on their prey, they paralysed their movements and began to eat them though electric charges were able to repel them.

In orbit, a large asteroid field surrounded the planet which made space travel through the area hazardous.


  • Dark Forest : a region filled with seemingly fossilised trees that bordered the Outlands and served as a shortcut to the Kingdom of Fossils
  • Dead Cities : ancient settlements that predated the event that turned all life to stone on Quartex and was where Boulder's Rock Lords found and reactivated Nuggit.
  • Kingdom of Fossils : settlement of the Fossil Lord
  • Outlands : an uncharted and dangerous area that had Magnites prowling the landscape with rivers of lava nearby.
  • Sea of Fire : a river of lava located by the Outlands
  • Stonehead : a large volcano that had some religious value but was taken over by Magmar who intended to activate the weapon produced by the Power Scepters.


The 1986 Rock Lords Coloring Book by Golden, a division of Western Publishing, revealed Quartex has no night and no "organic" life.[1]



Transformers Animated: The AllSpark Almanac reveals that the rock monsters featured in the Transformers: Animated cartoon series are savage variants of the Rock Lords, with more intelligent versions living on Quartex itself.
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