Qamar Zaman

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Qamar Zaman
Born May 6, 1974
Hong Kong
Nationality American
Citizenship American
Education Michigan State University
Occupation American Entrepreneur, Short film movie creator, Publicist.

Qamar Zaman (born May 6, 1974) is a Dallas based American entrepreneur, Short film Movie Creator, Publicist and Chief Growth Officer of KissPR Story Press Release Service.

Early Life

Qamar Zaman is an American entrepreneur and CEO of KissPR Story, a news and pressreleasedistributionplatform developed by Zaman. Zaman was born in Hong Kong and did his schooling in Nairobi, Kenya; Hong Kong; and London, England, where he completed A-Levels. Then, he moved to the USA to complete his undergraduate and postgraduate studies and was hired as a software engineer on the Cayman Islands by Financial Systems to develop and support PC-based banking software. In those days, banking software was available only on mainframe computers. Peter Galliot, a leading software programmer and CEO of Financial Systems, trained Qamar, and together, they launched MicroBank in the Cayman Islands’ banking industry scene. The new software was deployed at top Cayman banks,including Julius Baer& Trust, Ansbacher Bank, UBS, and Morgan Grenfell, to name a few.[1]

Zaman transitioned to NewsPagerto help build and support alphanumeric two-page paging on the Cayman Islands. He worked in a strategic partnership with Motorola and PageMart of Dallas to workon international paging for the Cayman Islands under the leadership of George Hunter, a local entrepreneur and tech leader in two-way communication on the Islands. Zaman was also involved at the International College of the Cayman Islands as an Adjust Professor of Finance and Technology under the leadership of Dr. Hugh Cummings and Dr. Elsa Cummings. He serviced ICCI for several years in this capacity.

To pursue his career further, Zaman moved to Dallas, TX, where he worked with Oracle ERP and MRP systems and programming implementation, and worked with top companies and financial institutions,including Cummings Natural Gas, Cayman Islands Government, the Cherokee Nation, Compass Bank, and Gulf Coast MHMR.[2]

A New Chapter of Life

Hurricane Ivan destroyed the Cayman Islands on September 12, 2004. Qamar barely lived through the destructive hurricane that obliterated the island. Unable to stay in Grand Cayman while the Islands were rebuilding, Qamar relocated to Dallas, TX, leaving behind losses and a heavy heart. Now in Dallas, Qamar began to tell his story of struggle and how he survived the Category 6 hurricane — surrounded by tornados and stuck in a home that was drowning in the ocean — to his new friends in Texas. He was soon being asked to tell his survival story everywhere he went. As he told more people, he realized that his story was starting to resonate with people and realized his truest passion: storytelling.[3]

After surviving the near-death experience in Grand Cayman, Zaman decided to begin his new storytelling journey from a small, windowless office in Addison, TX, a suburb of Dallas, TX. That little company has now become KissPR. Fast-forward 18 years, Zaman is still telling stories. Stories of struggles, successes, and achievements–“Our clients have transformed personal and business brands around the world through storytelling. KissPR has now told over 31,000 stories and counting and continues helping small business transform their dreams into reality.”[4]


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