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Birth name Mikul Nicholas Mingo
Born 20 May 1996
Rockville, Maryland, US
Genres Hip Hop • Trap • R&B
Occupations Songwriter • Producer • Rapper • Singer
Instruments Drums • Trumpet • Violin • Guitar • Piano • Vocals
Years active 2017 - Present
Labels Sony Music Publishing

Mikul Nicholas Mingo, known professionally as prxsm is an American songwriter, producer and recording artist from Gaithersburg, Maryland. He is currently signed to Sony Music Publishing.[1]

Early Life

Mikul Nicholas Mingo was born on May 20, 1996 in Rockville, Maryland. He found a love for music in early grade school, producing on his keyboard with drum pads at age 8. At age 9, he joined his school's band and orchestra where he'd play brass, strings, and drums. In his sophomore year of high school, later on he dropped his passions for basketball and football and decided to pursue music. In 2013, he started recording songs, consisting of freestyles from popular rap songs from the early 2010's.

Professional career

In 2017, at the age of 20, Prxsm started producing for artists around the world, selling his beats on YouTube and Beatstars. He would eventually have associated acts with artists and producers such as Based1, Kyle Stemberger, and various members from the collective, Internet Money. In 2020, Prxsm released his first collaborative producer album remixing popular songs called "Final Wars". "It was a project meant for smaller producers to collaborate and get their name out to the public." The name was influenced by the film, Godzilla: Final Wars. In 2022, he released the sequel, "Final Wars II".

Musical styles & Influences

MOD570 describes Prxsm's music in an interview as "dark and gritty".[2] His melodic production style was originally inspired heavily by Toronto producers, Wondagurl and Eestbound. He grew up listening to The Fugees, TLC, New Edition, Aaliyah, and Beyoncé from his mother. He also names VI Seconds, Iann Dior, Trevor Daniel, and Jugger as his music influences.



Year Name of Song Description
2020 Final Wars 17 songs[3]
2022 FInal Wars II 16 songs[4]

Singles & EPs

Year Name of Song
2022 Safeguard! (feat. Loaded) - Single[5]
2020 DEMONS (feat. HittahBeatz) - Single[6]

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