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Shahriar Aziz is a Digital Marketer, Content Creator, Entrepreneur, and Business Operator in Bangladesh. He is known as Digital Marketer, Content Creator & Entrepreneur. He founded the popular website, (PriyoMobile dot com) of which he is the chairman, chief executive officer, and controlling holder.

Shahriar Aziz Founded this company in December 2022. He wants to increase its recognition as a big trusted e-commerce & review, specification website in the world.

Company Overview - The ultimate resource for GSM handset information. Smart, laptop, camera, blog, review pre-order, blog, phone update, and others. PriyoMobile dot com is a gadget review portal focused on reporting on phones tablets, laptops, cameras, and digital devices. Provides the latest news, previews, and reviews for the newest phone and tablet releases. It also offers original videos and opinions and allows user voting and tools such as phone finder and more. priyomobile dot com is a Bangladeshi popular website.