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Primo Prafectus
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Primo Prafectus is a third-party Transformer accessory made by S.N.D.. It upgrades the Generations: Combiner Wars Battle Core Optimus Prime toy into Ultra Magnus in 2016.


Primo Prafectus is a add-on kit for Generations: Combiner Wars Battle Core Optimus Prime that makes him look more like Ultra Magnus. The design is based on the robot mode of Optimus Prime in the IDW Publishing comics.

Other third-party Transformer homages to Ultra Magnus include FansProject's City Commander, iGear's Ultra Leader, Junkion Blacksmith's Earth Commander and TFC Toys Ultra.


Primo Prafectus was designed by Bonnatron. The name was inspired by the name Latin words "primo prafect", which means "first lieutenant".

Primo Prafectus was first announced in September 2015. It was scheduled for release in November 2015.

Images of Primo Prafectus were included in the TFcon USA Third Party Panel in October 2015.[1]

In March 2016 the designer of the set announced that Primo Vitalis and Primo Prafectus were in the test shot phase of development.[2]

Primo Prafectus was released in November 2016.


The Good Morning, Cybertron! podcast for December 28th, 2015 discussed SND's Primo Prafectus and Primo Vitalis in the news.[3]


  • S.N.D. SND-02 Primo Prafectus (2016)
A recolor of Primo Vitalis. Comes with pieces that have to be assembled into the Generations: Combiner Wars Voyager Battle Core Optimus Prime toy. Once assembled, it can be transformed without disassembling.
Comes with replacement head, chest/torso armor, two shoulder armors, waist armor, two leg extenders/thigh armor, two lower leg armor, two upgraded feet, blaster, sword (with swappable blades; choose from short sword, long sword or axe) and battle mask.



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