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Praveen Sharma is an Indian SEO strategist and consultant. Praveen is the founder[1] of an SEO consultancy firm based in Gurugram, India.

Praveen Sharma
Born 04-Apr
Nationality Indian
Education B.Tech in Information Technology
Occupation Founder of SEMXE, Praveen Sharma
Years active 2010-Present
Known for SEO

Praveen has been featured in Learning SEO[2], SEOPressor[3], Search Engine Roundtable[4], Search Engine Journal[5], TFORTRENDS[6] and in other publications. He is also an active member of online communities including Clubhouse[7], Moz[8], SEMRush[9] and more. Praveen is also the creator of small educational videos[10] for the community related to SEO.

Early Life and Education

In 2004, Praveen completed his high school education from Army School. He earned his Bachelor's degree in Information Technology in 2009 from Kurukshetra University, India.


Praveen started his career in 2010 as an SEO executive at a digital marketing agency. He worked in many verticals such as Travel, Law, Health and fitness, eCommerce, Online Logistics, FinTech, and Gaming.

In 2015, Praveen started his SEO consultancy firm, SEMXE,[11] where he worked for clients from different verticals, including real estate, education, transport, and law. He also runs a YouTube channel[12] as a part of his hobby.

Personal Life

Praveen Sharma currently lives in Gurugram, India. He enjoys his free time watching movies, web series, driving and spending time with his family.

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