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Image Of Prashant Govind Mistry
Born September 16, 1981 (1981-09-16) (age 42)
Kalina, Santacruz, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Residence Kalina, Santacruz, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Occupation Physical Therapist, Personal Trainer
Known for Training celebrities such as John Abraham, Jacqueline Fernandez, Sarah Jane Dias, Mandira Bedi, and others

Prashant Govind Mistry (born September 16, 1981) is an Indian physical therapist, personal trainer, author, and co-founder of Prashant Biomechanics. He is renowned for his expertise in the field of fitness and has trained numerous celebrities, including John Abraham, Jacqueline Fernandez, Sarah Jane Dias, Mandira Bedi, and many others. Mistry is recognized for his contribution to the fitness industry, particularly in the areas of biomechanics and post-recovery exercises.

Early Life and Education

Prashant Govind Mistry was born on September 16, 1981, in Kalina, Santacruz, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. From an early age, he developed a keen interest in physical fitness and sports. Mistry pursued his passion by obtaining a Ph.D. in Physical Education, specializing in biomechanics. His educational background provided him with a strong foundation to understand the intricate mechanics of the human body and apply his knowledge to enhance athletic performance and promote physical well-being.


Prashant Mistry's career spans over two decades, during which he has made significant contributions to the field of fitness. He co-founded Prashant Biomechanics, an organization that focuses on applying biomechanical principles to optimize human movement and prevent injuries. Through his expertise, Mistry has played a vital role in transforming the physiques of numerous celebrities, helping them achieve their fitness goals.

His notable work includes training renowned personalities such as John Abraham, a prominent Indian actor, and producer known for his exceptional physique. Mistry has also worked with individuals from various fields, including Sara Jane Dias, a model and actress, Taufik Khan, a film director, Sana Pancholi, Tanya Vyas, a South Indian actress, and many more.

Mistry has authored two books, titled "Fuel" and "Fuel 2.0," which provide insights into fitness, nutrition, and the overall well-being of individuals. These books serve as valuable resources for those seeking to adopt a healthy lifestyle and optimize their physical performance.

Contributions to Post-Recovery Exercises and COVID-19

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Prashant Mistry emphasized the importance of deep breathing exercises in mitigating the symptoms affecting the respiratory system. He highlighted the potential benefits of such exercises in strengthening the lungs and reducing feelings of anxiety and stress. While deep breathing exercises cannot prevent COVID-19, they can play a supportive role in improving respiratory health and overall well-being, especially during and after the illness.

Mistry's expertise in post-recovery exercises has been instrumental in helping individuals regain their physical strength and endurance after battling COVID-19. By employing his knowledge of biomechanics, he has designed exercise routines tailored to the unique needs of post-recovery patients, aiding in their rehabilitation and facilitating a faster return to normalcy.

Personal Life

Prashant Govind Mistry is married and resides in Kalina, Santacruz, Mumbai, Maharashtra. He is a dedicated family man and finds inspiration in the love and support of his wife and two children.