Prabhat Singh Bhadauriya

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Prabhat singh bhadauriya Ponishare-verified.png
Born 13-12-2000
Nationality indian
Occupation Indian, Actor, Lip Sync Artist, Model and Influencer
Height 5.7

Prabhat Singh Bhadauriya is an Indian artist and one of the most successful Indian Tik toker&instagram. He was born 13 December 2000 in Mumbai, Maharashtra. He started his journey in early age of 16 year old. He is known for video on Social media.


Prabhat Singh Bhadauriya is an artist and social media who currently resides in Mumbai ,Maharashtra t.He has been associated with since his school time . He was born 13December 2000 in Mumbai ,Maharashtra. He realized his bite; Capabilities; Decided to learn video " and is now able to establish himself as a professional music. Learning new skills is not only an option, but a habit.

They can produce top genres like progressive trance, hip-hop, rap and more. Undoubtedly, Prabhat singh bhadauriya is a golden genius from Maharashtra. He believes in reaching greater heights as he sees himself roaming all over the world and makes everyone dance to his tunes.

Prabhat singh bhadauriya created a video in 2019 on Instagram, uploading the song video that was the first remix song on that channel. But after some time, he made hip hop music, the audience liked that music very much.

Now, if you search for him on Google, you will seet. Now you might wonder