Polar Silk Road (icebreaker)

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In 2018 China announced plans to build a nuclear-powered icebreaker, the Polar Silk Road.[1][2] The vessel is said to be similar to Russia's Arktika class of nuclear-powered icebreakers.[3]

Only Russia and the former Soviet Union had built nuclear-powered icebreakers. China's previous two ice-breakers, both named Xue Long, are conventionally powered.[2]

The vessel will be powered by two 25 Megawatt nuclear reactors, and is projected to cost approximately 1 billion yuan.[3]

Some sources assert that China's Polar Silk Road plan call for China to build a new conventionally powered Polar Class icebreaker in addition to a nuclear powered icebreaker.[4] China is also planning to build an ice-protected heavy-lift semi-submersible vessel. It would be used to carry and install drilling platforms for petroleum extraction.


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