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Transformers character
Generation 1 Pincher on card
First appearance

The Transformers #249, Marvel Comics UK
Created by

Species Transformer


Alternate mode

Mechanical scorpion

Chemical Engineer

"Be humble of word, but great in deed."

Transformers: Generation 1

Tech specs

ST07 IN09 SP02 EN05

RN07 CO08 FB08 SK08

Pincher is a fictional character from the Transformers series. He is a heroic Autobot Pretender.

Transformers: Generation 1

Fictional biography

A mad scientist of sorts. Concocts metal-eating, corrosive acids, oxidizing agents and other powerful formulas. An over-achieving, unassuming genius. Venom coated stinger paralyzes on contact and can drill through metal to drain enemy fuel supplies. Also armed with 20 megavolt stun rifle that shoots short bursts of metal-fusing energon. Inner robot armed with laser torch. Serrated claws can pierce metal and emit circular force field in robot mode.


IDW Publishing

Pincher was stationed at a monitoring station aboard the Autobot Orbital Command Hub at the time of Thunderwing's reawakening. He was later assigned to the Ark-17 with Siren and Sizzle, suggesting he might have been among the radiation-suited Autobots who attempted to recover the stranded Kup. Following Kup's rescue, Pincher returned to the Command Hub, where he and Overdrive gawked at the sight of the legendary Blaster wandering through the halls.

Pincher was among the Autobots who joined Rodimus's crew on the Lost Light once the war was over. He participated in a battle with a rogue group of Decepticons terrorizing the people of Temptoria, at one point punching out Bulletbike.

Marvel Comics

When the quest to recover the Autobots' lost Creation Matrix began, Autobot Pretenders Longtooth, Pincher and Doubleheader tracked a lead to the planet of Pequod, discovering that the last of an extinct race of sea-mammals named the klud had been revived by Matrix energy. Longtooth was attacked by the creature, and then, his injuries addling his mind, set out to kill it in an Ahab-like quest, only to be stopped by his allies. The "Pretender Classics" then located the Matrix on a moon of the planet Cameroon, but Thunderwing stole it and was possessed by it, attacking the Autobots until he was defeated by being jettisoned into space. It was here for the first time that a liability inherent in using a Pretender outer shell separately in combat was shown; Thunderwing blew a large hole straight through Bumblebee's Pretender shell, and, though nowhere near the blast, Bumblebee's inner form was crippled by the feedback.

Pincher and Doubleheader appeared in Marvel UK Transformers #251 "The Void!" where they were among the Autobot crew of a ship commanded by Rodimus Prime which was retreating from Cybertron.


  • Generation 1 Pincher (1989)
A new mold.


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