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Photonicinduction standing next to one of his infamous devices.
Nationality United Kingdom
Known for YouTube content creator with ~400,000 Subscribers

Photonicinduction is the pseudonym of a personality and YouTube channel that used to mostly upload videos of him destroying or damaging electronics such as appliances and tools in various creative ways. Claiming to have begun in 2008, with his channel being created on March 18th 2012, he uploaded videos until the May 14th, 2017.[1] He experienced difficulties in reuniting with his Indian wife due to issues with the United Kingdom's legal system as described in a since deleted video from around 2018, no known reuploads of this video currently exist.[2] With a post to the community section of his channel at the end of April 2018, he announced that there will be a new "series" and that an update video is well "over due".

His current channel description is:

"One man and plug socket = Mayhem. Interesting and mad scientific experiments involving electrical energy, plenty of interesting components and everyday items tested and cranked up with so much power "until it pops!"

With 25 Years Electrical Experience, overload on the internet since 2008 to Now. No silly expensive lab required, the best Inventors did it all at home first!

For contact, reviews, extreme testing and product promotions, click the email below."

The Email address currently listed on his channel is: "[email protected]".