Phạm Phú Cường

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Pham Phu Cuong

Native name Phạm Phú Cường
Born 07 March, 1989
Dong Nai,Viet Nam
Nationality Viet Nam
Occupation Coach
Years active 2021
Known for Badminton Coach
Height 168 cm

Pham Phu Cuong (born March 7, 1989 in Bien Hoa, Dong Nai) is a Vietnamese badminton coach and player. Currently, he is in the United States training students to play the popular badminton sport, he also regularly participates in professional tournaments, and interacts with badminton players.


Pham Phu Cuong moved to the United States to live with his family and do business, and as a coach, his foreign language is not very good, he encountered many difficulties with his job, but he still loves coaching. badminton it helped him to know more friends, he used to take his students to compete in professional badminton tournaments and brought many medals to the team, he was known by many people. More than on the radio, he wrote about himself leading badminton students to professional tournaments, he is very proud of being a good teacher, besides him, he is also interacted with many other famous athletes.


Pham Phu Cuong received medals for professional badminton and Talented Coach and many other awards...


Pham Phu Cuong was interviewed by a number of media about himself: