Pezhman Moghadam

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File:Pezhman Moghadam.jpg
Born 1992/08/19
Nationality Iranian
Other names Pezhman Moghadam
Occupation Iranian Singer

Pezhman Khalili Moghadam (Persian: پژمان مقدم), with the stage name Pezhman Moghadam, born on August 19 1992, is a Singer and calligraphy artist from Isfahan.


Pezhman Moghadam is a pop singer from Isfahan. He is the only child in the family and has been very interested in art since childhood At the age of 9, he studied the art of calligraphy and at the age of 11, he received a high degree in calligraphy.

Artistic Life

At the age of 13, he became a presenter, and due to his great interest in singing, at the age of 15, he migrated to Kish Island for his advancement. He started his professional career in singing by auditioning and being accepted by teacher Arman Hemati. By working in different hotels, he met Farid Mousavi, a keyboard player, and helped him progress. Pezhman had different performances in different cities. At the age of 19, he sang Ghazal, the title song of a Turkish series called "Mirage Palace" with a song written by Omid Montazeri. This series was broadcasted on PMC channel. Also, Pezhman Moghadam is an official member of the Iran Music House, an official member of the Iranian Music Artists Association and an official member of FIM (International Federation of Musicians).

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