Peter Schieffelin Nyberg

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Peter Schieffelin Nyberg
Nationality American
Education Masters in Business Administration
Alma mater Duke University, Yale University
Occupation Business Consultant

Peter Schieffelin Nyberg is an American business consultant and creative executive with an extensive background in health care, digital marketing and financial services.[1][2]


Nyberg began his career as a graduate of Yale College. The first job he held was of a school teacher and a sports coach at a private boarding school for boys.[3]

Soon after, Nyberg began trading in the commodities market. When he was 26 years old he returned to Yale School of Management. Nyberg concentrated in healthcare management and earned his master’s in business administration.[3]

After he graduated, Nyberg was awarded a one-year fellowship at Duke University Healthcare System in Durham, North Carolina. As his year-long fellowship program came to a close, he was offered a full-time position in hospital administration at Duke Medical Center.[3]

In 1999 during the internet boom, he ventured into the newly emerging market and joined the dot-com world, in the medical supply industry. Nyberg was very successful in medical sales and services, until the internet bubble burst and the stock market crashed.[3]

Due to his success in the digital healthcare arena, he challenged himself to succeed by becoming an entrepreneur. In 2002, he opened 21CD, a digital marketing business. Over the next ten years, the company grew and was later morphed and renamed to 21Digital. As the market became saturated, the business evolved to become Ingage Inc. After ten years as an entrepreneur, Nyberg transitioned again as the company folded.[3]

Moving forward, he became a business consultant. During August of 2019, Nyberg was contracted to perform a ninety-day assessment for a North Carolina Non-profit organization, called the Camino Community Center, which primarily serves the Latino and immigrant communities. He now serves as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of the Camino Community Center.[4][3]

Personal life

Nyber is a sports enthusiast and loves basketball.[5]

He regularly practices Hot Yoga, which is his personal favorite hobby. Nyberg says that Hot Yoga has helped him improve his core strength and made him stronger.[6]


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