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Peter M. Talty (b. April 16, 1942) is an American author, occupational therapist, and college professor of occupational therapy. His first book Occupation as the Key to Change, was published in August 2012.

Early Life and Education

Peter Talty, born on April 16, 1942, in Lackawanna, New York, is an Irish national known for his significant contributions in the fields of occupational therapy and academia. Peter embarked on a dual career path as an Occupational Therapist and College Professor of Occupational Therapy, leaving an indelible mark on both professions.

Peter's educational journey began at the University at Buffalo, where he pursued his Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy. His commitment to the field was evident early on, and he demonstrated a keen interest in understanding and enhancing the well-being of individuals through therapeutic interventions.

Building on his foundational education, Talty continued to pursue excellence in his field by obtaining a Master’s of Health Sciences. This advanced degree equipped him with a deeper understanding of health sciences and further refined his skills as an occupational therapist.

Throughout his educational endeavors at the University at Buffalo, Talty immersed himself in the academic environment, laying the groundwork for his future role as a College Professor of Occupational Therapy. His alma mater became not only the source of his academic knowledge but also a place where he would eventually contribute to the education of aspiring occupational therapists.

Peter Talty's early life and education shaped the trajectory of his remarkable career, blending clinical expertise with a passion for teaching that would go on to influence generations of occupational therapy professionals.


Peter Talty's illustrious career spanned over 40 years, marked by his unwavering commitment to both clinical practice and academia. Throughout this extensive journey, Talty seamlessly integrated roles as an occupational therapist, manager, and professor across five different prestigious institutions.

Talty's professional footprint included tenures at the University at Buffalo, D’Youville University, Cornell University, Keuka College, and Florida Gulf Coast University. Notably, he served as the Chair of Occupational Therapy at Keuka College, where his leadership resulted in a remarkable achievement – doubling the enrollment in the occupational therapy program and orchestrating the establishment of the college's inaugural graduate program.

In addition to his academic endeavors, Talty demonstrated entrepreneurial spirit by establishing a private practice. Over the course of ten years, he successfully managed this practice, employing more than 30 occupational therapists who served nearly 40 facilities within the eight counties of Western New York. This venture exemplified Talty's commitment to advancing occupational therapy beyond traditional academic and clinical settings.

A distinctive aspect of Talty's occupational therapy practice was its breadth. His professional journey encompassed diverse specializations, including mental health, pediatrics, substance abuse, ergonomics, physical dysfunctions, home care, and hand therapy. This multifaceted approach reflected Talty's dedication to addressing the diverse needs of individuals across various settings.

Talty held pivotal positions in notable healthcare institutions, serving as the head of occupational therapy at the Erie County Home and Infirmary, The Loretto Geriatric Center, the Erie County Medical Center, and Bry-Lin Hospitals. His leadership extended to executive roles, where he assumed the responsibilities of Vice President of Patient Care Services, followed by his appointment as the Vice President of Human Resources.

Peter Talty's expansive and varied career not only left an indelible mark on the landscape of occupational therapy but also contributed significantly to the growth and development of the academic programs and clinical services he touched throughout his distinguished professional journey.


- Outstanding Teacher for the School of Health- Related Professions in 1980 from the University at Buffalo.

- Professor of the Year for Keuka College in 1990.

- Excellence in Teaching Award from The National Society of Leadership and Success in 2012.


He has written our books ranging from a guidebook for new occupational therapists (Occupation as the Key to Change), his life story (Disparity: The Autobiography of a Man with a Hungry Heart), a fictional crime novel (The Jackals’ Fall) and the present biography of his brother’s tragic life (The Anatomy of a Pummeled Life).


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