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Penetanguishene Transit, operated by Penetanguishene, Ontario, is responsible for public transit in the small city in rural Southern Ontario.[1] The agency's single route is operated on its behalf by Midland Transit, and transfers are free between the two systems.

The route is a loop, that proceeds north along Penetanguishene Harbour, and south along Church Street, with multiple lobes, like an amoeba.[1] The route covers almost the entire city. Only a single bus is required to serve the city, and in September 2021 the agency replaced its current bus with a more modern bus capable of kneeling, so passengers in wheelchairs could board or de-board.

The route starts at the Georgian Bay General Hospital, in nearby Midland, Ontario, where passengers can transfer to the Midland North route.[2]

Drivers can stop for passengers, if they flag down the bus from a location where it is safe to stop.[1]

Fares are $3 CAD for adults, $2.50 for senior and students, while children under 60 inches tall ride for free.[3] The bus takes one hour for its circuit of the route, and with its first and last departures at 6:30am and 5:30 pm, on weekdays. First and last departures are 8:30 am and 4:30 pm on Saturdays.


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