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Peer Brauner

Peer Brauner photograph
Occupation 3D modeler/sculptor

Peer Brauner is a 3D modeler and scupltor.


Peer done professional graphics design work for Bosch, Blackberry, BMW, Porsche, Volkswagon, TeleKom Varta, Philips, Sony Ericson and the list goes on! Peer has also had a hand doing pre-visualization design for some of the biggest shopping malls in Europe and Saudi Arabia including the Centro Oberhausen, the Marokko Mall and the Festival Center Dubai. Peer’s work with animation includes a Furby project for Hasbro.

His work for Play With This Too

In the initial Kickstarter Peer Brauner assisted in providing digital sculpts for Play With This Too. Peer sculpted the Tech Drones and weapons for the Play With This Too line of action figures.[1]

In the second run on Kickstarter, which featured the action figures of Boneyard and Jetstrike, he sculpted the complete set of models, including Boneyard and Jestrike, as well as all the accessories and swappable helmets, heads and hands.




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