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Paul Esterhuizen
Born Johannesburg, South Africa
Nationality South African
Occupation Entrepreneur and philanthropist
Known for School-Days

Paul Esterhuizen is a South African businessman, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. He is currently based in Johannesburg, South Africa.[1] Known for his entrepreneurship efforts to help improve access to education in South Africa via many initiatives that he has personally founded, Esterhuizen is best known as the founder and CEO of School-Days, an initiative to improve South African schools and help parents afford tuition.[2]

Esterhuizen is well-known as the founder of Safer Schools, and also Safer Internet South Africa. Both of them are South African-based initiatives that aim to improve lives for children.


Esterhuizen was born in the Johannesburg area of South Africa. In high school, he was awarded Sportsman of the Year, as well as Best Actor of the Year. Paul Esterhuizen graduated from Florida Park High School in 1977. The high school is located in the western suburbs of Johannesburg.



Early in his career, Esterhuizen founded the MySchool, a reward and loyalty program which is currently owned by Woolworths. As an award-winning community-based initiative, MySchool focuses on helping parents, students, and other community members raise millions of rand for hundreds of schools, charities, and various other types of organizations in South Africa.


Paul Esterhuizen founded School-Days, a rewards and incentives program that was backed by Skybound Capital, when he realised a need for improving access to education for South Africans of all backgrounds. School-Days helps parents and community members support schools all over South Africa by making use of custom programs such as School-Days Earn Partners.[3]

School-Days's platform allows its users to raise funds for schools and other beneficiaries. It helps users raise funds by making use of Edu-Time Points (ETPs) to help with tuition fees.[4] A more detailed explanation can be found on School-Days' FAQ page, as well as in this YouTube video.

Safer Schools

Safer Schools is a free online guide founded by Paul Esterhuizen. The guide contains information on improving school safety in South Africa, such as first aid, fire safety, and many other aspects of safety on school campuses.

Safer Internet South Africa

Esterhuizen also founded Safer Internet South Africa,[5] an initiative that focuses on digital literacy. Safer Internet South Africa started off as a partnership with the South African Film and Publication Board (FPB). Safer Internet South Africa helps educate parents, children, teachers, and other community members about safely using the Internet and staying safe from various online risks, ranging from cyberstalking to cyberbullying and scams.

Safer Internet South Africa has various free online resources.

Personal life

Paul Esterhuizen currently lives in Johannesburg. He lives with his wife, Dianne, whom he married in 1981, and their 3 children named Lauren, Natalie, and Bronwyn. They also have 4 grandchildren. As a lifelong resident of Johannesburg, he is currently living close to his childhood home.[6]


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