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Patty Minakaze is the older sister of Jan Minakaze exclusive to the Transformers: Victory manga.


Differing from the events of the anime, Patty also survived the Dinoforce attack on the ship carrying the Minakaze family, and appeared as part of the Autobot crew as well with a set of armor modeled after Victory Leo. She later accompanied them on a mission where they encountered Dezarus and Solon, whose new mech merged with the Emperor of Destruction to create King Solon. Star Saber and Victory Leo merged into Victory Saber, but the two were evenly matched until Patty referred to the planet they had come to visit-which the Decepticons had conquered-as a "mother" planet, stirring Solon's memories of his lost mother. Their concentration broken, Dezarus and Solon were defeated, and Solon subsequently joined the Autobots in opposing the Decepticons, "adopting" Patty as his own older sister. Between the Minakaze siblings, Solon, Cab, and Shuta Go, the Autobots were able to unlock the power of the Star of Victory, enabling Victory Saber and Road Caesar to unleash devastating power against the Decepticons. She then accompanied the Autobots to the final battle on Dezarus' Fortress, only to learn of the existence of the civilian Decepticons aboard; the two Transformers factions then reconciled.