Patrice McAllister (ship, 1999)

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The Patrice McCallister after being towed to harbor by another McCallister tug -- note the scorched plates on the bridge.

The Patrice McAllister is a US flagged tugboat operated by McAllister Towing of New York, LLC.[1][2] The vessel caught fire in Canadian waters, near Kingston, Ontario, on Lake Ontario, while travelling from Toledo, Ohio,en route to Staten Island, NY, on March 27, 2012. The Canadian Coast Guard rescued all six crew members, but her chief engineer died the next day.

All of her crew were US citizens.[3][4] The CCGS Cape Hearne and Canadian and American helicopters and aircraft were deployed to help rescue the crew.[5] The vessel remained adrift after the crew were evacuated. The Bowditch, a towboat based in Clayton, New York salvaged the vessel and towed her to Clayton.[6]

McAllister had operated an earlier vessel of the same name which sank off the coast of New Jersey in 1976.[7]

McAllister sent the Rowan McAllister to tow the Patrice McAllister to their facilities.[8][9] After she arrived on April 20, 2012, she was inspect and McAllister made plans to repair the vessel.

length 33.5 metres (105 feet)
tonnage 383 gross tons
power 4,000 horsepower
built 1999


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