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Type Sports
Key people Yousef Al Arif
Saood Al Arif
Saeed Al Arif
Mohammad Bastaki

Padel26, an entity located in United Arab Emirates is one of the leading indoor Padel clubs in the country that provides Padel court booking, coaching, kid’s camps, tournaments and social events. Enrique Corcuera invented the Padel game in Mexico in 1969. It is prevalent in Spain and several Latin American nations, including Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Panama, and Chile. Additionally, it is popular in UAE, Italy, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Sweden, and Andorra.[1][2]


Padel26 was established in 2021 to promote a healthy lifestyle and expand Padel sport. The founders of Padel26 were brought together by the love of this sport and its lifestyle. Padel26 is the only Padel club funded by Mohammed Bin Rashid funds for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (The Fund). Padel26 is the first company to reach the target in an online crowd funding platform of Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s DubaiNext.[3]

DubaiNext is the first official platform for creative ideas in the United Arab Emirates. Its purpose is to facilitate funding for startups and innovative ideas. Yousef Al Arif and his partners were assisted by DubaiNext in raising AED 100,000 for the launch of the Padel26 startup. DubaiNext, the emirate’s official crowd funding platform, was inaugurated by Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the crown prince. Thirty-nine backers contributed a total of AED 106,560.00 to the one-year launch of Padel26.[4]

Game Court

Padel26 is a United Arab Emirates-based company coordinating Padel court bookings, coaching, and competition. The Padel26 project includes four indoor doubles courts for Padel, a sport that requires less space than tennis. Four indoor courts, separate locker rooms for men and women, a prayer room can be found at Padel26 in the heart of AlQuoz. Players can access personal and small-group lessons from the top coaches in Padel industry. Their in-house Padel shop is stocked with Padel equipment and accessories. If a player is not in the mood to play Padel but would still like to watch a match. In that case, they can relax in the mini stadium chairs and enjoy a beverage from the juice bar, a cup of coffee from the Café. Padel26 wants its customers to have the best time possible, especially if they are women who value their privacy. Thus, Padel26 has implemented ladies-only days and private courts in which the entire staff are female, and surveillance equipment is disabled.[5][6]

Padel26 Game

Padel is played on a court one-third the size of a tennis court in doubles. Similar to traditional tennis, but with softer balls. Like squash, balls can be hit off the court’s walls, and solid, stringless bats are used. The serving must be below the waist.[7]

Padel26 is an indoor facility that allows Padel enthusiasts to engage in this easygoing and competitive sport. Padel26 accommodates players’ desire to play Padel, whether professional or amateur, by providing hourly rental bookings. You can also improve your Padel abilities by scheduling individual or group coaching sessions with some of the best coaches in the world.


Padel26’s mission is to meet the increasing demand for padel by expanding the sport’s popularity and offering more individuals the chance to play. To provide the highest quality Padel courts, a welcoming environment, and promote a healthy lifestyle in the UAE to become the dominant Padel brand in the sports industry.[8]

Padel26 was founded by individuals who desired to promote Padel and a healthy way of life. They hope to increase Padel’s profile in the United Arab Emirates and spread the word about the sport’s health benefits to achieve their long-term objective of becoming a market leader in the sports industry.

Other Attributes

The courts at Padel26 are of World Padel Tour caliber, and the business also provides:

  • Coaching for players of all skill levels
  • Tournaments with prizes and trophies
  • A kid’s camp
  • Other family-friendly or corporate events

Padel26 is a climate-controlled sports club where fans of Padel’s social and competitive sports can play. Padel26 provides hourly rental bookings for Padel enthusiasts of all skill levels and interests.

Padel26 has an open area to play Padel in a relaxed and friendly environment, ideal for practicing and socializing. Padel26 was established to promote Padel awareness and a healthy lifestyle in the United Arab Emirates.


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