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Transformers character
Beast Wars Packrat toy
Name Packrat
Series Beast Wars
Voiced by Scott McNeil
Alternate modes Rat, Transmetal Rat
Function Thief
Gender Male
Motto "Don't just take the goods, take the credit, too."
Sub-group Basic Beasts, Convention Exclusives, Deluxe Beasts, Transmetals, Wreckers

Packrat is a fictional character in the Transformers series introduced in 1997. He is a Maximal thief who turns into a rat.

Beast Wars

Packrat is a Maximal thief who turns into a large blue rat.[1] Although Packrat did not appear in the Beast Wars animated series he was voiced by actor Scott McNeil for the voice actor play "Visitations"

Animated series

Packrat's stasis pod was among those who were launched into orbit around prehistoric Earth in the Beast Wars series pilot.[2]


3H Enterprises

Packrat was one of the stars of the 1997 BotCon Convention Comics, a story set near the end of season one of the Beast Wars television series. In the Convention Comics plot, Inferno and Blackarachnia watched as the Predacon scientist Fractyl attempted to invent Energon Armor capable of protecting them from energon build up. Although seemingly successful, the armor was stolen by the Maximal thief Packrat. Blackarachinia and Fractyl realized the energon armor was flawed and could destroy the planet if it came in contact with large amounts of energon. Inferno pursued Packrat, but since Packrat didn't need to assume beast mode with the armor on, he got the upper hand in the fight with Inferno. Hearing the battle, Airazor, Cheetor and Rhinox joined Packrat. Fractyl convinced Rhinox that the armor was a threat to them all. Rhinox was able to talk Packrat into giving up the armor, which Fractyl aided them in doing. When Blackarachnia arrived with Megatron, Packrat suggested that Fractyl pretend to be attacking the Maximals, who fled. Megatron was impressed with Fractyl's new found battle prowess.

Packrat appeared as a transmetal in the flash animation for the story "Primevel Dawn." Presumably he became a transmetal in the Quantium Surge.

Packrat joins Primal Prime and the Wreckers on Cybertron.

Transformers: Universe - Wreckers #2 contained a story called "Betrayal". The Wreckers meet Glyph and Tap-Out. Cyclonus injures Packrat and betrays the Wreckers for his true master, Cryotek.

IDW Publishing

Packrat had a biography printed in the Beast Wars Sourcebook by IDW Publishing. [3]

Fun Publications

A new version of Packrat appeared in Transformers: Cybertron's Most Wanted, where he was part of a group of criminals in Axiom Nexus led by Megatron.


  • Beast Wars Basic Packrat (1997)
He is a BotCon exclusive toy, a blue and grey redeco of the original Rattrap toy. [4]
  • Beast Wars Transmetal Deluxe Rattrap recolor
A blue recolor of Transmetal Rattrap, this was used to represent Packrat in the Transformers: Universe - Wreckers comic after he became a Transmetal.
  • Timelines Cybertron's Most Wanted (2015)
A BotCon 2015 exclusive boxed set. Packrat is a recolor of Generations Deluxe Rattrap.


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