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Overlord DVD
Overlord DVD logo
Hosted by Dicktor Van Doomcock
Genre Science Fiction
Debut October 10, 2017
Provider YouTube
Website https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeCJB88u93eq91U0rlJsW-A

Overlord DVD, hosted by Dicktor Van Doomcock, is a YouTube channel devoted to reviewing science fiction films and television series.


Doomcock is the online personality which hosts Overlord DVD, a YouTube channel which reviews science fiction films and television.


He broadcasts his series from his Xanadoom, his headquarters at the center of the Earth.


Harvey Cthuhlu, a green hand puppet with a fez, often joins Doomcock in his film and television reviews, providing counterpoints and insight. Harvey intends to destroy the world, and only is only restrained by his imprisonment by Doomcock.

Film reviews

He is also outspoken about the film Star Wars: The Last Jedi, which he calls a "franchise-destroying movie".[1]

Television reviews

He is spoken highly of the series: The Orville.

Doomcock is a vocal critic of the the series Star Trek: Discovery, which he called "an epic fail" and "an ungodly abomination".


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