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Overload is a name of several fictional characters in the Transformers series.

Generation 1

The original Overload was an Autobot Micromaster who turned into a truck, with a trailer that could convert into a battle vehicle.

Unicron Trilogy

In this series, Overload is initially depicted as an Autobot with a Mini-Con Headmaster who can combine with Optimus Prime to serve as his shoulder cannons. In Japan he was a version of Ultra Magnus.


"Ask Vector Prime" later explored Overload's origins, revealing that his 2009 toy form was actually his original appearance. After becoming addicted to Powerlinking with Mini-Cons, Overload ended up on a self-destructive path that eventually led him to seek help on Nebulos. With his Spark fading, Overload was combined via the Headmaster process with Rollout, a Mini-Con previously addicted to Nucleon, and the pair were later enhanced by Rhinox. However, Nemesis Prime forced Overload to deploy before he was completed by Rhinox, and Rhinox's subsequent capture by Unicron meant that the project was never finished. However, Overload eventually found his original design and was reformatted back into this form, but with his memories of the past lost until he made his way back to Nebulos and found Hi-Q, one of the doctors who had originally worked on him.


  • Overload with Rollout (2003)
This toy was later recolored into Crystal Ultra Magnus (Japanese exclusive) and Transformers: Energon Ultra Magnus.
  • Costco Overload (2004)
A recolor of the original Overload; this figure was remolded into Sentinel Maximus.
  • Universe 2.0 Overload (2009)
A recolor of Cybertron Defense Scattershot.

Transformers: Universe

This version of Overload has a train alternate mode and is a member of the Railbots, who combine to form Rail Racer.


  • Universe Overload (2005)
A recolor of Deego.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

This version of Overload is a Decepticon and a member of the Constructicons.

Transformers: Robots in Disguise

Transformers character
Name Overload
Series Transformers: Robots in Disguise
English voice actor Dave Fennoy
Japanese voice actor Bin Shimada
Alternate modes Cybertronian tank

Overload is the name of a character from the 2015 animated series, Transformers: Robots in Disguise. This version is a Shakespearean-mannered Deception who transforms into a Cybertronian tank and was a spy during the war whose efforts greatly damaged Autobot installations until he was discovered by Optimus Prime himself which led getting incarcerated aboard the Alchemor Prison ship. He is later freed during the crash where he would be partnered with a pair of Cyclone Mini-cons, Backtrack & Ransack.

Animated series

Overload debuted in the two-part episode "Overloaded" where he demanded the Autobots for turn over Optimus Prime, during the battle at the scrapyard, Overload accidentally knocked over two stasis pods holding Backtrack & Ransack. During his escape, he encountered the pair and earned their trust to wreak havoc on Crown City in order get Optimus's attention until Bumblebee founded him & the mini-cons where he convinced Backtrack & Ransack to turned on their master, rendering him unconscious with a punch and returning to Stasis. He is later freed by Steeljaw and brought to Glowstrike in "Misdirection", but is recaptured in the two-part episode "Decepticon Island."


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