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Optimus Supreme is the combined form of Optimus Prime and Omega Supreme from Transformers: Energon.


Animated series

Optimus Supreme was the mightiest form that could be taken by Optimus Prime by combining with the ancient warrior Omega Supreme. Such was the power of this form that it could not be taken at will-only through harnessing the power of either Primus or Unicron could the two Autobots join forces. The formation involved Omega Supreme's Headmaster component detaching while his armored body became armor for Optimus, granting him the use of Omega's arsenal and powers. On several occasions Optimus Supreme also grew to gigantic size in order to battle Unicron and Megatron/Galvatron.

Curiously, Optimus Prime changed his appearance to that of Optimus Supreme through his own power during his final battle with Galvatron, with Omega Supreme being entirely absent; how this was accomplished was not revealed.