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Omid Mahramzadeh
Other names PrOmid
Education BA, Ph.D
Occupation Producer, Composer, DJ, Remixer, vocalist, and sound engineer

Omid Mahramzadeh, also known as PrOmid, is an international producer, composer, DJ, remixer, vocalist, and sound engineer.[1][2] His music is composed of native eastern instrumentation combined with a western electronic atmosphere, this unique approach has won him international acclaim as both a producer and live performer. His prolific talent traverses multiple genres, from ambient chill-out to deep house and melodic techno.[1][3][2]


Omid Mahramzadeh

In 2010 PrOmid was selected as the best electronic composer on the BBC Asian networks radio program. Since 2012 PrOmid has been collaborating with the Buddha-Bar Paris collection, and many of the tracks he has written and produced for their compilations are among the most downloaded chill-out albums of all time. In 2015 PrOmid produced the Luxury World Lounge Podcast for Buddha Bar Radio Monte Carlo. Since 2012 PrOmid has produced and composed many film scores, and in 2021, he was awarded Best Short Film Composer at the Toronto Independent Film Festival of CIFT.[1]

PrOmid has released his tracks on more than 350 compilation albums and EPs, such as; 'Buddha Bar XIV,' Buddha Bar Classical – Zenfonia, Siddharta – Dubaï, A Night at Buddha-Bar Hotel (by Ravin), Babylon Bar Vol. 4,Oriental Garden, Vol. 10 , ‘Le café abstrait (Vol. 9), N-Joy Abstrait,’ Musical Rickshaw With Pathaan ‘City Beach Club’,Musica Del Mar – Ibiza Summer Lounge Café.

His knowledge and technical expertise in merging indigenous traditional musicianship with a contemporary electronic ambiance are what makes PrOmid's compositional style exceptional and unique. By combining futuristic Soundscapes, PrOmid holds two bachelor of arts degrees, one in computer science and another in sound engineering and audio mastering, as well as a master’s degree in electronic music production and a Ph.D. in music therapy.[1][2]

Awards and recognition

He has won various prominent awards, some of which are mentioned below;

  • 33th Fajr International Film Festival Diploma
  • 34th Fajr International Film Festival Diploma
  • 35th Fajr International Film Festival Diploma
  • Toronto Independent Festival of Cift
  • Best Short Film Composer for the Exist short film in December 2021


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