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Olive Union is a wearable tech company headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. [1][2] It develops, manufactures, and sells well-designed, functional, and affordable wearables for people with impaired hearing. [1][3] It was named a CES 2020 Innovation Honoree by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) and Best Wearable for Best of CES 2020 by Engadget.

Olive Union launched its first product, the Olive Smar[3]t Ear at CES, Las Vegas in January 2020.[1][3]


Olive Union was founded in 2016 by Owen Song.[1][3] He launched the company to remove the stigma associated with impaired hearing.[1][3] Song was inspired by his uncle’s embarrassment and discomfort with hearing impairment.


Olive Union’s first product, the Olive Smart Ear is an affordable, wireless, and single-ear hearing amplifier that looks like a regular earbud.[3] [4] It uses patented hearing amplification technology to produce a clear and balanced sound. [3][4] It also has various pre-set modes that instantly adjust to different hearing environments.[3][4]

Olive Smart Ear can be paired with Android and iOS smartphones to amplify.[3][4] It comes with a rechargeable battery and a portable charging case.[3][4] As of June 2020, the device is priced at $299. [4][5]

It was awarded as the Best Wearable at the International CES 2020 “Best of CES Awards”.[4]


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