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Olin Zarak
Transformers: Timelines character
Olin Zarak.JPG
Olin Zarak headmaster
Created by

Fun Publications
Species Nebulan
Occupation Pirate
Family Zarak(Grand father), Llyra Zarak (mother)


Star Seekers
Alternate mode


Olin Zarak is a male Nebulan and the grandson of Lord Zarak in various incarnations of the Transformers franchise, and in at least one is the heir to his grandfather's Scorponok Transtector.


Generation 1

Fun Publications

An infant version of Olin Zarak was featured in an "Ask Vector Prime" installment detailing the origin of Zarak Maximus, an insane gestalt born from the fusion of his grandfather with the lifeless forms of Scorponok and Fortress Maximus. When Zarak Maximus began rampaging across Nebulos, it was only the sight of Olin and his mother, Zarak's daughter, that prompted the horrific Titan to flee Nebulos forever.

Yet another Olin Zarak inherited his grandfather's Scorponok Transtector, which was upgraded, and became a member of the Star Seekers.


  • Timelines Scorponok with Olin Zarak (2014)
A redeco and retool of Transformers: Energon Scorponok with a repaint of Fortress Maximus' Spike Witwicky Headmaster as Olin Zarak.