Olienny Valladares Capote

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Olienny Valladares Capote
Nationality Cuban
Occupation journalist

Olienny Valladares Capote is a Cuban journalist who has been at odds with the Cuban government.[1] According to a February 6, 2012, report from Agence France Presse Capote and nine other dissidents had sought political asylum at the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base, de facto United States territory in Cuba. Agence France Presse quoted Cuban sources familiar with the dissident's situation, who said the ten individuals had not been offered asylum—rather they were being treated as if they were terrorists.

The ten individuals had entered the base approximately three months earlier, and started a hunger strike on February 3, 2012, to draw attention to their plight.[2]

The other asylum seeker AFP specifically mentioned by name was fellow journalist Adolfo Pablo Borraza Chaple.[1]

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